Au Diapason-Logan’s Gallery
Award of Excellence
It is with great pleasure that we recognize a young chess player with the "Au Diapason-Logan's Gallery Award of Excellence". These players must demonstrates the spirit of this award with: A willingness to help others; a positive attitude in competition; participation in the Au Diapason activities; outstanding playing ability. This award is the highest form of recognition to a young chess player. It is awarded only once in the lifetime of a player. There is a maximum of two of these awards per year

Special mention -
Mark Superina - as the first outstanding young chess player in the area

Mark Superina (November 2000 - our first Logan Award recipient)
April 2003 -
Ryan Laming
November 2003 -
Nicholas Gellner (Wins gold in the CYCC qualifier (under 14 section) in Ottawa. This is a CFC event 2004)
April 2004 -
Alexander Gellner (Wins gold in the CYCC qualifier (under 12 section). This is a CFC event 2004)
November 2004 -
Curtis Peterson (The best in Canada against all the grades 12 with Chess'n Math Association 2004)
November 2007 -
Daniel Soucy