School tournament

  1. Make sure that Au Diapason knows that you are going to participate in our tournament
  2. Send all of your information to (school name, name of adult accomapnying the students, an email address where we can reach you, the list of students with grade. Remember that Grades 1 to 6 are on Thursday and 7 to 12 are on Friday.
  3. Registration deadline is always at noon hour, the day before the tournament
  4. There will not be a LATE REGISTRATION FEE because it is the students who end up paying the penalty, however, it does make it more difficult to start the tournament on time.
  5. This tournament will qualify for the provincial competition.
  6. the tournament will be rated by Chess'N Math Association
  7. Your are responsible for the supervision of your own students at the tournament
  8. Tournaments start at 10 a.m. All students who are playing in the tournament must arrive at the tournament site no later than 9:30 a.m.
  9. Bring your own lunch or purchase your meal at the school. There will not be a lunch period set aside, you are to eat a bit in between every round
  10. No food or beverages on the site of the tournament
  11. Every grade level will have a chess supervisor and decisions about game results will be made by these coaches. If, for any reason, there is confusion, the Tournament Director will make a decision that this decision will be final and without dispute
  12. Au Diapason will not be responsible for any loss or stolen property belonging to students. You are to have proper supervision of your students and their belongings