Here are the rules when you compete in our chess tournaments

1- Touch = play
2- Students (Grades 1-6) play a 20-25 minute game (5 games in all) and the Grades 7-12 play a 30 minute game. Once there are only about 10% of the players remaining, the TD (tournament director) will announce that only 2 minute remain till the end of this round.
3- No noise in the tournament hall.
4- Do not talk in the tournament hall. Raise your hand if you have a question or a complaint.
5- At the end of your game, both players raise their hand and report their score to the supervisor of their table, after this, they do not reset their boards. They leave the tournament area and go to the cafeteria or hall reserved for them.
6- Before you start your game, please make sure you have the correct partner and that you are playing the correct colour.
7- If you bring your lunch, eat in between games and a little at a time. You may purchase you food at the school’s canteen.
8- After each round, we will post your results. Please make sure these are correct.
9- A GOLD medal is given to players with 5 points, a SILVER medal is given to players with 4.5 points and a BRONZE medal goes to players with 4 points.
10- We are there for you and for the promotion of chess.
11- This school tournament is the qualifying tournaments for the provincial competitions.
12- We invite all to keep the place clean at the tournament.
13- Whenever a game is going nowhere and it is obvious that the position and play do not lead to a winner, the tournament director has the right to declare the game a draw even though the clocks might show quite a few minutes difference. The diredtor may also impose a chess clack and put is at 2 minutes each to finish the game.